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Our History

Timber Ridge Recreation Ranch was started in 1969, when Richard and LaDaonna Bumann bought 1,000 acres of tree covered hills in Monona County Iowa. Locals of the area had been using the area to ride their motorcycles and dune buggies for years, Richard saw this as a business with great growth potential and started Timber Ridge Recreation Ranch. Timber Ridge lodge was opened in April of 1977. The lodge was a meeting place for patrons of Timber Ridge and soon the local community. The lodge was open every Friday through Sunday, with Friday night being Rock-n-Roll music for the younger crowd and Saturday evening having meals and country music for the older generation. The lodge was later only open during the summer months for breakfast on the weekends, but it has since shut its doors.

The Timber Ridge Winery was started in 2001 by planting the first grapes. Planting has continued with 9 acres of grapes and 5 acres of apples now in the vineyard. The winery building was built in 2004, with wine sales starting in 2006. The Winery has also since shut its doors. 

Timber Ridge Rec Ranch was open to the public from 1969 until 1988 when Timber Ridge went private. Now it is open to all members who wish to come and ride at any time during the year. 

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